About Us

V Good Marketing Sdn Bhd is a professional exhibition company. We provides your company with an effective way to create, maintain and enhance brand awareness, elevate your profile in the industry, generate new leads, foster relationships with current clients and potential partners, intellectually influence your industry peers, launch new products and services to a large but targeted audience, targeted marketing, a captive audience and relaxed meeting environment.

We would like to cooperate with people from all walk of like and set up domestic & foreign trade cooperation platform to make contribution to Malaysia import & export trade. We have outstanding professional team. The product on display can achieve better market recognition rate, and also guide enterprise to occupy more market share.

V Good Marketing Sdn Bhd is the next generation of face-to-face marketing, transforming traditional face-to-face business encounters into multi-sensory marketing experiences focused on your target audience demographics.

V Good Marketing Sdn Bhd mission is assisting companies, institutions, and event organisers at every stage of the process form the definition of their event strategies to final implementation in the field. Become the most attractive marketing platform in exhibition industry.